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Choose where!

First create a route
Pick two points: origin and destination for Roada to start its work.
Start trip
Helper will do the rest

Immediately You will receive trip distance, fuel consumption and travel time.

You just have to choose places You wanna visit and things You like to do.

Trip info

In list view You can:

  • manage access to trip for other users
  • add and remove destinations
  • book hotels
  • search and add places (restaurants, gas stations ...)
  • set dates and leave notes to every point
  • change destinations priority

After planning completion You can get trip report and print it if You wish.

Your trip become the most comfortable and bright because You won't forget and won't miss anything.

Invite friends

Share with friends and ask them to travel with You.

Friends can not only go with You, but join You in trip planning, it they want.

Trip friends
Don't miss your trip!